A quarterly scientific journal devoted to the disclosure PolitBook topical issues of political science. The magazine by leading Russian and foreign experts, international experts, political scientists, philosophers, sociologists and historians. Particular attention is paid to the work of young scientists.

Politbook offers readers a comprehensive analysis of domestic and foreign policy, international relations, development of social and political institutions. The magazine raises urgent problems of social and political sciences.

Editor in Chief - Andrei Shumilov. The composition of the editorial board includes leading representatives of various Russian and foreign research centers.

PolitBook is an open access journal that publishes rigorous theoretical reasoning and advanced empirical research in all areas of the subjects. 

Subjects: Transition Politics; Democracy & Democratization; Electoral Systems; Political Parties; Legislative Behavior; Civil Society; Migration Studies; Nationalism and Ethnicity; Political Theory; Political Communication; International Relations; European Studies.

The journal also has sections:
"Reviews" - reviews of published monographs, textbooks and tutorials.
"Information" - analytical reports on planned and carried out scientific events (conferences, round tables, methodological workshops, etc.) are published.
"Person Number" - analytical-bibliographical articles on prominent scientists who contributed to the development of social and political sciences are published.
The journal publishes English and Russian scientific articles have never been published.

Publisher: Institute of Social and Political Sciences


The new number

A new issue.

Theme: "Political system: stability, dynamics, adaptation"



29-30 апреля 2016 г., состоится
VI Международная научно-практическая конференция "Молодежная политика:
мировой исторический опыт и современные проблемы




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E-mail: editor @ politbook.ru

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